Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Friends

We miss our Alaska friends.  Of course Eric and I miss our grown up friends like crazy, but tonight I'm missing this little guy.  

That's Henry's best little buddy, B boy. They are 4 days apart and have been together constantly from the very day they "met" (1 and 5 days old).  These past few months things had gotten really fun as they started to truly enjoy each other's company.  They played like brothers- getting into things together, giggling, kissing each other, swatting at each other when they didn't feel like sharing, etc.   I know they're just tiny and it's harder on us since we are the ones who can remember all of their time together, but that's exactly what it is, hard.  I miss this little friend for him, I miss holding one on each hip and watching them interact and grow up together.  We will all stay in touch and see each other as often as possible but I know things won't be the same when they grow up thousands of miles apart.  If I could choose for certain things to not change, these two together would have been one of them.  M and J, give that boy of yours a squeeze for us, and a smooch from Henry. 

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