Sunday, January 22, 2012

9 month update

Happy end-of-weekend, friends.  I wish I didn't have these expectations of myself to write often, because I feel so disappointed when days go by and I have no chance to write.  More than that, I am disappointed because I genuinely love to write here on this blog.  It's my outlet, it's my memory bank, and it's a place to reach out and chat with other people, all things that I adore about this space.  When I  miss multiple days, I miss that many ideas as well.  Even when I have something I want to write, by the time I get to it it often seems irrelevant and I'm finding it frustrating.  Anyway, I am enjoying the time now, so I suppose I should focus on that.

 I am late in Henry's 9 month update, but wow do the changes just keep coming at an alarming pace! He turned 9 months on New Years Eve, and the poor boy was stuck with an ear infection at the time.  After the infection passed though, our little ball of energy was back and growing so fast.  You hear it all the time as new parents, to enjoy every bit because they grow up so quickly, but it's hard to grasp how fast it truly happens until it's right there in front of you (or past!) He now has four teeth which is taking some getting used to.  I giggle every time he flashes a big smile and I see the half-in teeth on his top gums. I love it so much!  He has learned to clap, wave hi and bye, walk while pushing his walker or holding onto furniture, and he's starting to dabble in standing alone.  He is as vibrant and outgoing as ever.  He is eating pretty much everything, but I think chicken and avocado are his favorites.  And cheese, who doesn't love cheese?  The one thing we have trouble with are noodles, because he either has trouble eating them, or doesn't like them ( I don't know how that's possible) but I can't tell which.  I think he wants to eat them but they slip right out of his mouth.  He babbles a lot, says dadadada and mamamama but never really at us so we aren't counting them as a first word yet.  I'm pretty sure he knows who goes with each name but must not feel like humoring us.  He does, however, crack up every time we say "mama" or "dada".  Oh well, in his own time!  The boy is busy. And so loving and affectionate. As Eric and I watched Henry play during bath time tonight, snuggling under my chin when he got out of the water, he told me that it's just sort of painful, the extremely intense love we feel for our baby boy.  Painful sounds like the wrong word, but it really is such a big love it nearly hurts.  You know what I mean? He is the greatest joy to us.

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