Sunday, January 22, 2012

Daddy, baby, and dreams of a truck.

Eric has been pining after a truck for some time now.  It is definitely not the right time in our lives to get one, but until that day comes he will continue day dreaming about them.  Every time we pass the right kind of truck it's "there's my truck!!" And then there are the scenarios that play out in his mind that he tells me about that I think look much like this commercial.  Trips to the farm together in the truck, trips to haul wood for camping trips together, trips to help family shovel their driveways, all with his little boy by his side on the seats of their truck. I think this commercial secretly turns him to a lovey ball of daddy mush and he directs my attention to it every time.  I make fun of him for wanting a truck so badly because it's something I don't understand but the commercial--It gets me too.  Goodness I love having a little guy.  I can't wait until he uses his imagination like this during play time, and Eric can't wait until he's the daddy getting out of the truck with a little Henry running to his arms. 

These Chevy advertising people know what they're doing. 

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