Monday, January 2, 2012

The Alligator Pear

Thanks to the game "Battle of the Sexes", I learned that alligator pear is another word for my very favorite food... Avocado! I kind of like calling it that here and there.  I've been meaning to learn new and interesting recipes using avocados for quite some time, and then share those recipes (the good and the iffy, but hopefully mostly good!) with you here on the ole' blog.  I haven't had the chance to follow through though, so I've been sticking with my go-to ways of eating it, even when that means sprinkling it with a bit of salt and shoving the whole thing in my face in record speed. What better time than the new year to start the new project? Let me clarify though, that I am no chef and will not be claiming to make these recipes up on my own.  I'm simply hoping to find them, try them, possibly modify them if need be, and share what I love with you.
So I'll start with a recipe that we tried last month for my birthday dinner. AVOCADO FRIES. Holy yum. Of course, it was found on the lovely and wonderful Pinterest, and the actual recipe is here.
The idea of fried avocado sounds a tad strange at first, but I assure you you'll get over it pretty quickly once you try these. They were so incredibly delicious.
Simply put, slice 3 just-ripe avocados
Roll in flour
Dip in beaten egg
Roll in panko
Put in a pan of hot canola oil and fry until golden brown
Remove from oil
Add salt
We dipped them in a sauce that was made of mayo and Sriracha (we call that hot cock in our house. Hot sauce+ rooster on the package= hot cock. It's what Eric has always called it so I often forget what its real name is)
I've seen a number of recipes that suggest bread crumbs or tempura batter and so perhaps give those a try if you think you'd like it better.  Panko is a must for me, since it makes the perfect crunch.
If you try these, let me know what you think!  I will not be surprised if you find yourself equally obsessed and wanting them for every meal.  For the record, I don't eat them every meal even though I'd love to.


  1. hot cock! love it.

  2. That's the only name I've ever had for it! Sriracha doesn't come easily at all.


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