Sunday, January 1, 2012

Such a clever boy

Just a quick little story-- I'm writing it here mostly because it was one of those moments that surprisingly, I'd like to remember for some time.  Sometimes the husband can just be so dang silly in just the right way. Our New Years Eve was lovely.  A delicious dinner made at home with friends, board games, lots of laughs.  Until it took a little turn for the worse.  As we were cleaning the kitchen the sink got clogged and I turn to look at it, only to find Eric standing there with the toilet plunger trying to clear the sink.  The TOILET PLUNGER,people.  No one seemed quite as appalled as I was but ohmyfreakinggoodness I just about lost it. Some of you know I have a thing with germs in places where you can eat.  I'm not afraid of the common cold or other such germs, but PLUNGER AND SINK DON'T MIX. Big time germaphobe in that way. I just couldn't believe he even thought of it, but his smirk told me it was a little entertaining and perfectly normal, to him.  After a good long while of sulking and expressing my disgust, I went to take a shower. (A bit dramatic, I know.  But I felt gross and was convinced that I was sprayed by plunger water.) Eric and I later watched the countdown on tv together, and after a quick New Years smooch and a hug, he put his arm around me and says "Remember last year when I accidentally put the toilet plunger in the sink? You can't be mad about that, it wasn't even this year!" And just like that, I was no longer mad.  I'm a little surprised I got over something so icky that quickly, but I guess I'm a sucker for cute comments made at just the right moment.

update on this post:
Eric wants to be sure that I tell you all that he was successful in unclogging the sink.  It was not the disposal side so apparently that makes it more logical and impressive. I'm not convinced, just still grossed out. 


  1. Bahahahaha!! My hubbys cheering him on!lol! I totally would've showered too!

  2. I may or may not have put bleach in the sink as well :)


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