Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A quick hello

I had grand plans of posting a delicious pizza recipe with you all here a few days ago, but a stomach bug found it's way into our house and so all three of us have been under the weather.  We are doing much better now, thank goodness! I'm hoping we all get some good sleep tonight and are back to normal by morning.  Here's to hoping.
Every time we don't feel well, I find myself so amazed by the resilience of babies.  Henry smiles despite feeling sick, and tries so hard to keep his normal energy.  He still crawls and climbs about while I whine flattened on the floor.  Amazing. Here's a little video of him this evening doing his new thing! Standing! He's been working on this for a few days, and it's so fun to see how it progresses. Last week he started to stand alone for a few seconds but didn't realize he was doing it, but now you can tell he does it on purpose.  He gets the proudest look on his face, and he expects there to be clapping when he's done.  We are always happy to oblige with lots of clapping and "yay!"s.  I'm also pretty sure he's trying to say dog.  It sounds like da, but he's doing it at the right times so hooray for growth and exciting things in the little love!
Stay healthy, everyone! I have never been so excited to get up in the morning and get ready for work and just carry on with a normal day. I hope that we're all healthy enough to do so!


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