Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh dear grossness.

Have you all seen this photo?  (Check out the article to go with it) I read online, "can you guess what McDonalds food this is?" and I thought oh yum, strawberry soft serve! Except no. That, my friends, is McDonalds chicken.  The lovely stuff that goes into a chicken nugget. Barf. I like to get fast food every now and again when my stomach begs for greasy food but I have known about the chicken for a while and never get it, I usually just go for burgers.  But I've never actually seen what it looks like before it gets molded and dyed and shaped into a nugget and now after seeing this, I think my ties with the golden arches will have to be severed. I can't get past the fact that it looks like elephant intestines and that inside that pink paste, is some chicken meat along with a chicken beak, butt, foot, etc. It just makes me feel bad.
If any of you love McDonalds chicken nuggets, I'm okay with that! Just clearing that up since I have just slammed them entirely.  I speak only of my opinion and wanted to share this tidbit for anyone out there wanting more information.  Or for anyone who just fancies a gross picture every now and again, even if still planning to eat the final product. 

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