Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You Win Some, You Lose Some (aka- giant dinner fail.)

Happy Wednesday everyone! It hardly feels like the middle of the week for me, because we've had a bit of a screwy week up here.  Henry was sick with a fever all weekend and my instincts about his ears being the cause were right.  He has a double ear infection :( Poor babe. I cannot wait for those inner ears to mature so that he stops getting the darn infections so often.  For now, we are still home together trying to get him all better.  Generally we catch them fairy quickly and he never shows many symptoms, just a bit clingy.  But this must be a doozy that we didn't get quite soon enough because he has just been so miserable.  On the mend now, though!
So I was really looking forward to trying something new for dinner last night with avocado, as one of my goals is to get back to cooking more often, and more specifically, cooking new things rather than our stand-by meals.  I whipped up this avocado pasta after putting Henry down for the night, quite proud that I had thought ahead and made it to the grocery in the morning and was trying something entirely different.  It's basically a creamy pasta with no cream (score!), made with just garlic, lemon, olive oil, and avocado. Not sounding too bad, right?  I served it with spelt pasta.  Here's how that went over: I carried Eric's plate to him and as I'm serving mine I hear "this smells like nothing I've ever experienced before" okay... this could be good or bad at this point... and then his first bite comes, and he looks as though he may vomit.  He quickly shoved another vegetable in his mouth simply to get the bite down-- NOT GOOD.  Then he started sucking up out of pure guilt for not liking my dinner. I told him that I wasn't taking it personally, after all I had just tried a very new recipe and you can't like every single thing you try, right? (still stings a smidge, though) :)
After he had made himself a pb&j we laughed about it, and he said that it was so bad that it even made the veggies taste bad. So big. giant. fail. on that one.  What a way to jump back into the cooking saddle!  I think that might be the first thing I've made that he couldn't even swallow, usually even my mess ups he loves (like the time I forgot about the chicken in the oven because H was a newborn and I was busy and it turned to chicken jerky and he scarfed that crap right down).  Perhaps I did something wrong, but I thought it tasted just lovely! At first at least.  He doesn't love overdose of avocado, so maybe pasta drenched in it should be something I save for myself.  Maybe this entire avo project will be one of my very own.
I'm pressing forward though, and I'm looking for something new to make tonight (NOT avocado related) and I have to say, I'm a bit nervous! If he were to hate tonight's meal as well, I may just tuck the tail between the legs, hang my head and go pick up McDonalds.
By this point, I've probably done a fairly good job at turning you all away from this recipe and for that I feel bad, because I think that with the right people this dish would be worth a second try. I'm off to find some recipe that will knock the hubs' socks off, and my own as well!
Can't win em' all I suppose.
It was a very green meal. How bad could it be, I even put lemon garnish on there so it's all fancy like ?!

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