Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Like I said

In my post about the New Year, I mentioned how I like to think about things I'd like to do in the New Year even though the year sometimes has different plans. Well what better time to prove that point than right away?  We were so looking forward to hiking to this cabin with our friends on New Years Day, but my mama instincts told me that Henry was a little off... he wasn't quite himself, had a low grade temp, but was still fairly chipper and we debated whether or not we could make the trip that we so badly wanted to be on.  But as all parents know, one of the hardest yet most important things in parenting is weeding out your own wants when necessary and replacing them with decisions that are best for your child.  So that's what we did, we chose to stay home.  Later in the day we were so thankful that we had used our best judgment because Henry would have been beyond miserable on that trip.  His fever got higher, he got more uncomfortable, and since we were home we were able to end the evening by hopping in a warm bath together (the only time he pepped up and had fun!) and then he slept for twelve and a half solid hours which would have been hard on the floor of a cabin that ran out of heat.  Not to mention the hike straight up a mountain in freezing temperatures.  We will save the trip for another day and for now, we are still home with the boy who doesn't feel his best.  He's so tough when he's sick.  He tries his best to smile and giggle, but it's obvious he's uncomfortable and I hate not knowing why.  His pediatrician's office has been closed for the holidays since Sunday, so we weren't able to move his 9 month appointment up at all.  Thankfully he's been doing ok with the help of Advil and his appointment is this afternoon.  I love his monthly visits, and today he doesn't need shots and hopefully they'll be able to tell us what's going on with him.  Something tells me it's his ears, once again. 
Our friends sent us this video when they got up to the cabin, how gorgeous is that?  We were so bummed all weekend about missing the trip, but obviously the right choice was made in staying home.  Henry has been getting lots of cuddles, naps, and comfy time. 

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